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RK Stickles Rack


Free standing rack that will also fit neatly into IKEA Råskog Trolley

This complete “RK” range is designed to be used free-standing and will also fit neatly into the IKEA Råskog Trolley. 

Each is individually handmade from MDF and has the correctly shaped and sized holes for its intended contents

RK Stickles Rack for the 0.5oz Ranger/Tim Holtz Stickles bottles

  • This rack has correctly shaped and sized through holes in the top layer to store 0.5oz Stickles bottles
  • The lower layer has matching correctly shaped and sized stopped holes to support the end of the bottles
  • Each RK Stickles Rack will hold up to 96 of the 0.5oz bottles
  • Bottles can be stored upside-down if preferred  
  • A pair of handle holes allows the rack to be easily lifted and moved
  • For the larger 1oz Stickles bottles, please see the “RK Distress Stain Rack” 

All units are supplied fully assembled using joints & glue, sanded smooth and are ready to use (or for you to paint, etc.)

Dimensions: L375 mm (14 ¾”) x W275 mm (10 ¾”) x H140 mm (5 ½”)

Discounts are automatically given for an order of 3 or more (any mix of “RK” and/or “KX” products)

NB: the IKEA Råskog Trolley and contents, where shown in photos, (e.g., pens, pencils, ink pads, etc.), are for information only and are not included

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